5 Years

Amanda is tired. Of her job, her boyfriend and her life. If she can just achieve the perfect body, surely the perfect life will follow. So what if it costs 5 years of her life. It’ll be worth it. Maybe. 5 Years is a new solo show which takes a funny, sad and infuriating look… Continue Reading

Would Like to Meet

Directed by Hannah Graham – Freshold Theatre Would Like to Meet is a short piece with a sting in its tail. Originally written and performed by Hayley as a short film. Collaborating with Freshold Theatre transformed the piece into a beguiling piece of Theatre. We meet Rebecca as she gets ready to meet her internet… Continue Reading

The Fear

Directed by Maria Haik-Escudero Holly is undergoing a mid-life crisis. At 28. Unmarried and childless should she take the conventional route offered by her over-bearing boss or follow her own, riskier path? Is it time to buckle down and start taking life more seriously? It seems everyone has an opinion but just where is that… Continue Reading