5 Years

Amanda is tired. Of her job, her boyfriend and her life. If she can just achieve the perfect body, surely the perfect life will follow. So what if it costs 5 years of her life. It’ll be worth it. Maybe.

5 Years is a new solo show which takes a funny, sad and infuriating look at the way our bodies are policed, the messages we are fed about them and asks “what is the perfect body?”


‘Eye opening’
‘Davis still manages to find the funny side of the ridiculous things we are willing to do to make ourselves feel attractive. This is an admirable skill to be able to make us laugh at ourselves when focussing on a subject that usually makes us feel quite defeated.’

‘A real dagger in the dark for any industry that relies on female self-doubt to keep it in business.’

Inspired by a study which was undertaken at Universities across the UK which asked female participants what they would be willing to trade for the ideal body. 10% would trade 2 – 5 Years.

In “5 YEARS” the option for this trade off has become a marketable reality. Our lead character is the first woman to undergo the procedure.
It a piece which is at points funny, embarrassing, touching, uncomfortable and maddening.